Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What Crisis?

Leo's have a nice little digital app that replaces the word 'Crisis' with the word 'Opportunity' wherever it is written online. Sweet.

Download it here - but it only works on Firefox

It's Nice That

We regularly check the neat design blog that is 'It's Nice That'. And you should too

The guys behind it have also just released a bi-annual book featuring more of the same kind of stuff and it is well worth checking out.

60 Bag

These bags are great. They naturally decompose after 60 days and they look pretty sweet too with different styles, etc.

Check out more here

Monday, 20 April 2009

Downgrade Today

Love this from Simon Egli - give your iPhone a nostalgic twist with these stickers of old phones...

Read the full bit over at CR Blog

Alcoholic Architecture

It maybe a bit too early on a Monday morning for this, but check the latest London bar...

I'll let someone else explain...

"Alcoholic Architecture is far from your average London bar. Tickets for a “breathable cocktail” of gin and tonic mist are timed by the hour and can be purchased at the door. 40 minutes inside the building created to give the illusion of being INSIDE a drink will leave one a little giddy. No doubt the gigantic straws, limes, and background sound of a drink being poured over ice will make one feel slightly disoriented. The unique attraction is only open ’till April 25th."

By Bompas & Parr

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Rare Equations

Much like the brilliant Indexed, Craig Damrauer has found a really good use for maths other than to count how much money you don't have.

This time it is equations. Like these:

Check the lot out here - well worth 5 minutes for a wry smile.

No one is more deserving...

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The British Music Embassy @ SXSW

Lethal did a lovely job of packaging up the UK's presence at the fairly recent SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

The UK is the only country which takes over a whole venue to promote it's acts to the world for the 5 day event. The Embassy looks cool all painted black and with the flags and stuff...

They used Charles Darwin...

"To silence the Texan hillbilly creationist contingent once and for all with cries of' Let's push things forward', a nod to The Streets song title (when The Streets were good and had something to say)"

Lethal did loads of other collateral for the event, some of the graphics are below...

Bang bang

2 nice bits of online drum kit action that some of you will no doubt have seen...

This one I love for the 80's sounds

And this - the iDaft - great for it's annoyance factor...

Be Nice Or Leave

Nice prestenation from Faris of McCanns NYC on social media...

Type nesting

Where birds nest down in signage and logos and stuff. Sweet...

Indulge yourself here

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What a guy

We thought about getting this guy in to do a UTI for a laugh, but we won't as he's a tw*t


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