Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sustainable Design

UTI recently sent Shahnaz, one of our designers, down to a Sustainable Design workshop to learn more about how we can improve the way we work in sustainable terms. There's a little write up below with some links if you want to delve deeper.

But make sure you read the presentation Shahnaz has made from her notes. Good stuff.

It was pretty shocking to realise how much we don’t consider. It goes way beyond just recycling paper in the office.

The workshop was held by Three Trees Don’t Make A Forest a not-for-profit social enterprise set up by directors of three established and successful agencies – Sophie Thomas of thomas.matthews, Caroline Clark of Lovely As A Tree, and Nat Hunter of Airside.

It was a pretty intense 2 hour session of information, but I’ve attempted to collate as much as I could and share it with you guys. Please view the presentation at full screen if you can.

Sustainable Design

And if you want more on this topic go to Design Can Change and Greengaged.

How did MTV not use these?

Monday, 24 August 2009

The PG Tips Monkey

Nice awards paper written by the folk at Mother/'Monkey' for their/his entry into the APG awards.

Read a rather long extract here - pretty funny stuff - best award paper I've read.

Culture Jam

Jason Eppink over in LA created this:

Which went on to inspire these by a guy called Ryan.

More over at Wooster

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Six Weeks

Paul McCrudden is on to a good / funny thing...

Basically, I'll just quote a bit of his website before you head on over there for a closer look:

"Using the data collection website Daytum I recorded time (in minutes) and cost (in £ GBP) of all my interactions as a consumer. This included the odd five minutes for lunch every few days at my favourite salad stall on Goodge Street, to spending 45 minutes in Preston train station waiting for a connection. Yep, that's 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

The data's not perfect of course (eg. it's not automated based on GPS), and I rounded up/down as appropriate so that I didn't completely lose my sanity. But it provides a fascinating insight into how I live my life as a consumer, and which brands steal my attention.

What's more, with only a limited time of existence on this planet, it shows me whether I'm spending my time and money wisely as a consumer. And having invoiced the companies that claim my attention, I'll soon find out how much they respect the time I spend with their brand".

That's a pretty cool idea and way of looking at the world.

Here is a sample letter he's sent a cafe near his office...

Here is an invoice he sent them with that letter...

And he sent one to Pret - and got the following response. Fair play to Julian Medcalfe...

Delve further here (charge him for the time you spend with him - send invoices to

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Light Rail

Designed by Zoran Sunjic from Croatia, this creative LED staircase handrail system guides people through dark spaces both physically and visually. They are awesome.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Reulf from Charlesque on Vimeo.

Silhouette Masterpieces

Been seeing these around for a few years and never knew who did them...

Well now I do - check the whole set - some are miles better than others, but a lovely style or the same.

Monday, 10 August 2009

London Bridge

Nice little project from Chris Boardman where he has taken a shot each day over London Bridge on his commute to work. Then with some tech skills has animated the series together to provide one whole walk of the bridge. Check it out here

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Pie Lollies

How cute are these...

Learn how to make them here

New bike

Pulse, Teague's new concept for an urban bike, addresses all the necessities of a standard bike commute. Taking cues from both fixed gears and cafe-racers, Its features include electric turn signals controlled from the handlebars and a luminescent frame that lights up when you need it.

Carry on reading here

Fresh Mona Lisa

Made out of 3604 cups of coffee.

Not sure who by but from here


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