Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Sing it

This is cool. Write some words. The website sings them by borrowing vocals from all manner of tunes and splicing them together. Smart.

This is some serious shit

FLAIRS - TRUCKERS DELIGHT from 3rd Side Records on Vimeo.

Knitting madness

It's getting cold so feast your eyes on these lovely woolen creations...

Some by Ed Bing Lee and some by Bnice2mice

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


The fairly awesome Ben Wilson has done this for Walk The Plank's Art Car Parade up in Manchester. I'll let him explain...

"Walk the Plank’s illuminated Art Car Parades - full of mechanical mischief - will take over Manchester’s streets This Thursday 26th and in Edinburgh this Saturday the 28th November.

Ben Wilson was one of three artists to be awarded commissioning money to create a mobile work of art, which will join the existing troupe of vehicles.

ARTIKCAR is inspired by a child’s wooden toy car. The Pedal Powered vehicle is made from steel tubing, it steers by leaning and uses an innovative technology to illuminate the car"

Monday, 16 November 2009

Latest Two Bob

Bear Grilled...

bear grylls - born shit eater from on Vimeo.

87 Cool things

Nice presentation from Google Labs...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Blind Radio

Designers Sam Hecht, Durrell Bishop and Andre Klauser have created a radio called the R1 Radio, intended to help the blind.

The radio, instead of having traditional knobs and a readout telling you the station, is all contained in one tiny box with four small wheels mounted underneath. The wheels control the tuning and the volume, making it easier to fine tune a station or change the volume level. Pretty neat. More over at Design Boom.

Picture keyboard

Chris DeLorenzo has made a keyboard with pictures instead of the alphabet. I'll elt him explain - "We used to learn our alphabets by reading those classroom banners that associated each letter with an animal or object. These days as kids become increasingly computer dependent at an early age I thought it was about time to adapt an old method to a new medium. From cultural icons to greek mythology, this keyboard sticker set will advance the alphabetical knowledge of any child, or adult."

Read more here and while your there check out some of his other stuff

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Battle of Branchage - Architectural Projection Mapping

Nitro circus

Some cute little idents for MTV show 'Nitro Circus' by Amauta Lab and Flamboyant Paradise. Worth a butchers.

Watch them here

Neat knitting

Some well smart knitted objects for you

Check the whole set over at Flickr

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Solar Roadways

I really hope this happens... roads harnessing solar energy. Great idea. Asphalt is made from petroleum anyway so this is double whammy problem solving.

Here's a picture of what it might look like...

Read more here


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