Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Closed for Xmas

First off, if you haven't got it already or have never heard it, the CassetteBoy 'Festive Christmas' mix from 2002 is just what you need.

Everything you'd expect from those guys. If you like Xmas but are sick of Xmas tunes and stuff have a listen. Get it here.

Nearly it from UTI for the year. But quickly let me point you in the direction of some of adland's best and worst Christmas cards, etc.

I haven't had time to look at many but a couple that caught my eye are this from Fallon showing that you can get carried away with wrapping...

Johnson Banks recycled CR's make great snowmen...

Dave at Karmarama is eating sprouts for Charity.

And Albion's TurkeyOff is a nice spin too.

Over on the CR blog you can get more - check a few posts - here and here and if you've got loads of time on your hands head over to Bannerblog for about 120 from around the world.

The Teen's Speech

I don't usually put ads on here but this idea from Poke/Barnado's is a winner.

The Teen's Speech gives teens a voice and will be broadcast on the homepage of MySpace on Xmas day to coincide with the Queen's Speech.

The Teens Speech from Poke on Vimeo.

Read all about it over at Crack Unit

Telstar Logistics

is the alter ego of Todd Lapin who uses it as a fictional company to gain access to lots of places mere mortals aren't allowed to go - then he photographs and documents them. Like this amazing shot from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge...

More here and the actual site is here

Rabbit on

Ros has created this lenticular rabbit on the shutters of the Cordy House in Shoreditch...

A bit more over at Wooster

Monday, 7 December 2009

new from Glue Society

Metal on Metal "BASTARD" from The Glue Society on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Parra X Stones Throw

Ace illustrator and record label Stones Throw have teamed up over in LA to do a pop-up mobile Rockwell store. Some nice touches and tees, etc.

More here

Pass me the salt

No longer...

By Suck UK

Countdown meets Traffic lights

Nice by Damjan Stanković -a traffic light that counts down to when it goes amber, etc

Read more over at Toxel

Dan Wieden interview


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