Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Space: The 3rd Dimension

After a short break, our internal UTI's are back for 09.

Neil Mason, one of our top 3D dudes, has arranged the following, with some poster skills from Dangerous Dave...

3 diverse experts will be chatting their way through 3D spaces past, present and future. Those 3 are:

Gary Shelley - a designer responsible for a wide range of Museum and exhibition design projects in such places as the Museum of London, Tower of London, V & A and the Natural History Museum who currently works for award winning designers Casson Mann.

He's joined by Steve Jensen who is is just finishing Vivienne Westwood's offices and has a range of works spanning 20 years from residential projects to the Big Brother house.

And completing the trio is James Eyre who has worked for the likes of Barber and Osgerby Juggernaut and for the last five years Paul smith, designing windows for the man globally.

Should be good. A write up of what went down will be here a few days after in case you can't make it down.



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