Monday, 18 May 2009

Re-branding America

Paper Magazine issued a brief for all comers to re-brand America...

"Right now America is like a company teetering on bankruptcy -- we have lost so much credibility and brand currency over the past eight years. And so we invited some of the best visual communicators we know (from ad gurus to artists) to create original advertising concepts that could redefine our country's image. Welcome to U.S.A. 2.0".

A mixture of solutions - some nice, some obvious... selection below - or more here

Alex Bogusky: "Che Guevara has become T-shirt shorthand for counterculture -- most people in a Che T are oblivious to who he really was and are just celebrating the rebel in us all. In reality, Che went from being a doctor to a murderer in a wrongheaded, desperate attempt to change the world. The Communist Revolution he believed in didn't work -- and were he alive today, he would have to face that fact. Knowing that, the question is: Who would Che wear on his T-shirt? Who and what would (or could) he put his faith in?"

Geoff McFetridge: "Lincoln is very much a man for these times, his beliefs and values hold strong to this day. I was thinking of a way to give a new iconic value to the lowly penny. American history is an interesting way to describe what America is like today. I like to think there is a little bit of Lincoln in all Americans. I also thought it was funny to mess with the American flag as a design exercise. I liked that the idea of endlessly designing the flag is both disrespectful and optimistic."

Stephen Powers: "America needs no rebranding -- we just need to remind people that we're a nation of 300 million that all know how to say, 'Fuck you, pay me.'"

That last one by Peter Buchanan-Smith but I can't be bothered to put the verbose quote in.

Nice project.



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