Friday, 31 July 2009

Sam Winston plays with words

You may have already seen Sam's work... it's awesome. I went to college and used to live with Sam. He's a top top man. I think he'd call himself a book artist but not sure. He's dyslexic - which is why he has fascination with words. His work is some of the most intricate and labour intensive I've seen. Bravo.

I'm going to try and persuade him to come in and do a UTI.

Check his site as you really need to read the background to each.

But here is his Dictionary Story - where words in the dictionary get pissed off with only being referred to so go a bit mad and create a story by re-ordering themselves - with some beautiful typography thrown in for good measure.

Here is his latest WIP - He's cut out every word from a book of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, split them into 3 and re-presented the play in 3 collages based on different emotions - Passion, Rage and Indifference.



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