Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Six Weeks

Paul McCrudden is on to a good / funny thing...

Basically, I'll just quote a bit of his website before you head on over there for a closer look:

"Using the data collection website Daytum I recorded time (in minutes) and cost (in £ GBP) of all my interactions as a consumer. This included the odd five minutes for lunch every few days at my favourite salad stall on Goodge Street, to spending 45 minutes in Preston train station waiting for a connection. Yep, that's 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

The data's not perfect of course (eg. it's not automated based on GPS), and I rounded up/down as appropriate so that I didn't completely lose my sanity. But it provides a fascinating insight into how I live my life as a consumer, and which brands steal my attention.

What's more, with only a limited time of existence on this planet, it shows me whether I'm spending my time and money wisely as a consumer. And having invoiced the companies that claim my attention, I'll soon find out how much they respect the time I spend with their brand".

That's a pretty cool idea and way of looking at the world.

Here is a sample letter he's sent a cafe near his office...

Here is an invoice he sent them with that letter...

And he sent one to Pret - and got the following response. Fair play to Julian Medcalfe...

Delve further here (charge him for the time you spend with him - send invoices to



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