Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sustainable Design

UTI recently sent Shahnaz, one of our designers, down to a Sustainable Design workshop to learn more about how we can improve the way we work in sustainable terms. There's a little write up below with some links if you want to delve deeper.

But make sure you read the presentation Shahnaz has made from her notes. Good stuff.

It was pretty shocking to realise how much we don’t consider. It goes way beyond just recycling paper in the office.

The workshop was held by Three Trees Don’t Make A Forest a not-for-profit social enterprise set up by directors of three established and successful agencies – Sophie Thomas of thomas.matthews, Caroline Clark of Lovely As A Tree, and Nat Hunter of Airside.

It was a pretty intense 2 hour session of information, but I’ve attempted to collate as much as I could and share it with you guys. Please view the presentation at full screen if you can.

Sustainable Design

And if you want more on this topic go to Design Can Change and Greengaged.



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