Monday, 27 September 2010


We’re now in the era of the Future Editor and we’re experiencing a revolution in how we’re influenced by the media. The old hierarchy of Editor-in-Chief being in sole charge of what we consume when and where is being questioned. We, the reader, have become the editor with a team of sub-editors. These new editorial teams are a diverse bunch. As with all information we’re searching for authentic sources to inform our opinions. Ultimately they are sources we trust. Some are established publications, others are celebrities with global followings. But the most important ones are our friends.

New tools like FLUD, Apollo News, Pulse News and FlipBoard aggregate our trusted sources into easy to digest digital magazines. They blend global news alongside intimate feeds from our social networks giving us a heady mix of the macro and micro. If you've got an iPad check them out and unleash your Future Editor.



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