Thursday, 30 September 2010

Virgin Vacation MeMe's with

A great incentive to get people to participate - a 33% discount and all Virgin want you to do is submit an awkward family holiday snap. If you haven't got any I suggest you raid the charity shops, car boots and jumble sales to get yourself away on one of Virgin's big planes. This is how they put it:

"Between the sunburns and the sing-alongs, sometimes the only thing relaxing about a family vacation is when we finally make it home. Well, AFP is proud to partner with Virgin America to make your next family vacation a little less awkward…

In celebration of family vacations everywhere, Virgin America & AFP are inviting travelers to submit their most awkward vacation pics (photo must be of your family) for a chance to win the ultimate family getaway. Just by submitting or voting for your favorite photo, you can score an awkward 33.3% off your next family booking."

Virgin haven't attempted to rip off by creating a copycat inferior version. Fish where the fish are - and all that. So credit where it's due.

But, is this a win win for both parties? Virgin borrow equity from Awkward Family photos. Awkward get an increase in submissons and I'm sure a nice amount of cash.
However, will punters just see it as Virgin muscling in on something which was beautiful in it's non-commercial naivety?



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