Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mike Ballard - he had his jacket nicked

"I woke with a bolt this morning. I had been dreaming about the night my jacket went missing. I could see it all in the dream. Where everything and everyone was in the pub. M and E were sat at the table as I got up to goto the loo. My jacket hooked over the back of the chair. As I enter the loo, M goes to the bar, and starts chatting to two girls, while he’s waiting to be served. Elliot goes over to join hime (sic) and help with the drinks. In that split second A guy moves over to our table, squeezing through the crowds, grabs my coat and is out through the door, all while I am still pissing. It is the night everything changed"

Mr Ballard has taken his revenge and lifted 200 other jackets from around London. They are now all hanging on display in at Walker's Tailor, 157 Robert St, London, NW1 3QR
8 – 23 October 2010.

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What a naughty man.



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