Friday, 8 October 2010

Singapore Round Up

Hans and Tom from our Singapore office have picked out these innovative highlight’s from Singapore’s marketing scene over the last 12 months:

Burger King’s Octopuppy

BK’s snack quick pick with Rebel the chihuahua dog done by Publicis. Picking up on the topically news story of the Octopus who predicted the World Cup scores. Rebel the Octopuppy would make predictions every day – if you concurred with the dog you got free BK meals. It generated quite a bit of positive response on their Facebook page,rebel-the-octopuppy-picks-burger-kings-favourite-snack-choices.aspx!/BurgerKingSingapore?v=wall (promo is now over though)

Life before death – The Lien foundation

This campaign deals with the taboo subject of Death. Life Before Death is an initiative of The Lien Foundation – a Singapore philanthropic house that advocates better care for the dying. It started Asia's first centre for research and training in palliative care - The Lien Centre for Palliative Care.

On the site you can create your own Playlist for your funeral, leave messages to people you leave behind and you can even follow death on Facebook – dark!

World’s coolest intern for Standard Chartered

World’s coolest intern by Standard Chartered Breeze: Ok, it’s not the most original. I think everyone can see the ‘coolest job in the world’ references but it’s good to see a bank in Singapore doing this kind of ‘non-boring’ stuff.

Tangs Blogathon

Tangs is a department store in Singapore’s famous shopping centre – Orchard Road. It’s another example of experiential activity in the real world linking with the online world. This happened in 2009.

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